Art McConnell’s Biography

Always in my heart I have known that I must see, do, explore, and experience. We have one life here on Earth and this world is truly amazing: the cultures, the traditions, the people, the terrain, the beauty. All that we encounter along the way creates our unique and irreplaceable life experiences. It is my genuine pleasure to share this with you through photography.

Today the avenue through which I’ve been able to see the world is entertainment. When you go to a concert look up and notice the lights, audio, video, or whatever is suspended in the air. As a touring concert rigger, that’s my job. I am responsible for hanging a concert safely, and in the correct position for every show. I’ve been fortunate to tour with artists such as Lady Antebellum, Usher, Seal, Miley Cyrus, Widespread Panic, JLO, Alicia Keys, and Bruno Mars, among others. While working for these artists, I’ve had the grand opportunity to visit over 50 countries around the world. While exploring these places, I am capturing pictures of history, people, and places that inspire and fulfill.

Join me on a pictorial journey. Be inspired. Be fulfilled.